Best wedding color theme ideas in 2017

Purple - Burgundy - Orange

Good for: Winery wedding motifs
Suggestions for pulling it away: Wineries have an old world charm to them, and when decorated with deep, dark decor, they're even more romantic and intimate. Place hang floral arrangements and stalks in individual bud vases to really finish the look.


Navy - Eggplant - Gold

Good for: Artdeco autumn wedding motifs
Tips for pulling it away: Transform your venue into a stylish Gatsbyesque space full of live music and bubbly champagne coupes. Blend a couple of distinct metallic colors like a brassy, into the mixture -copper for that old world charm. If the budget (and venue!) Enables, end the night off with something epic, like a glitter drop or low-key fireworks display.

Aqua - Cherry Red - Khaki

Good for: Retro-inspired wedding motifs
Strategies for pulling it off: Don't take this look overly seriously—it's meant to be preppy and interesting. Mix in cheeky add low centerpieces in vintage jars, signage and integrate a pattern into the system, for example stripes or chevrons.

Black - Pale Green - White

Great for: Springtime wedding topics that are formal
Hints for pulling it away: Keep your wedding colors from appearing overly bare by combining cream or ecru white hues into the mixture, and yank on some greenery inspiration from the dusty, natural green colours of succulents.


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